All about my shemale life on webcam

Welcome to my page guys! My name is  Cellest and i just love playing on my live webcam and when i am not doing that i am working out hard at the gym to keep my figure. I am 23 years old and live in Brazil.


I enjoy all sorts of things which include horny guys, shopping, sex, keep fit, dancing and website design. I am live on video chat many times a week you can find me easily as i go by the name bigebonycock .

I grew up always wanting to dress up in my sisters clothes and that feeling has never left me. I enjoy modelling and getting my pictures taken bu ti also enjoy art and photography.

Keep watching my website as I add more and more of my gorgeous transgender friends for you to go and chat with.

I love my life on webcam. It gives me fantastic freedom and it allows me to meet guys from the four corners of the world who love to talk to girls like me. Almost all of the guys I meet and talk too are straight guys who are fascinated by the whole tgirl thing. They just want to know about me,my choices and how I came to be a transsexual. They are just ordinary guys without the means to fund travel to Brazil or Thailand where shemales are most prominent.

Im a fun loving sort of person and this comes across well when I am working. Guys appreciate my happy go lucky style and the fact im always welcoming and smiling. It makes them feel at ease and I also get a lot more enjoyment from an online session if I know the guy is into it too.

But its not all work and no play for me though. As Ive already said,I enjoy going to the gym. But I also love just relaxing by watching tv or listening to music.

I like the simple thing in life if im not online and this makes me better prepared for a life on live webcam.

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