10-year-old boy raises more than $315,000 to provide bulletproof vests for police dogs

Waiting for people to be kind to the animals with whom we share this world should be the bare minimum.

Around the world there are many animal lovers who try everything to make the life of those furries safer and better.

A 10 year old from Strongsville, Ohio, named Brady Snakovsky is an animal hero, when he learned that the police dogs are not issued with bulletproof vests like their handlers it just started to bug him.

According to the reports the little boy was watching an Live Pd episode with Leah Tornabene his mother when his attention got drawn to the bulletproof less K9 dogs.

GoFundMe / BradyK9Vest

For him this was just unacceptable and he took the decision to do something about it, he set up a GoFundMe page hoping to receive donations that will help him buy these dogs bulletproof vests.

Brady had enough money to buy 4 vests for the Ohio State Troopers in February 2018, from then on everything was getting better.

Little man took his mission seriously. He wrote to his local congressman for help and spread the word so that more people knew what he was trying to achieve.

Soon the non organisation Brady’s K9 Fund was created to raise money to supply bulletproof vests to police and military dogs.

GoFundMe / BradyK9Vest

When we fast forward on present day, the little boys fund has supplied 257 dogs with protective vests, raising an incredible $315,000 total.

The boy’s mother said in a CNN statement: “We were watching the show together and I didn’t even notice that the dog wasn’t wearing a vest. I was quite surprised that a child at age eight could recognise that there was an issue there, and that he could find a solution to fix that problem. It made me very proud to see him doing this.”

The little man aspires to be a police officer like his father in law when he grows up to help and protect others.

This hero already well surpassed any expectations that could possibly be placed on an eight-year-old.

GoFundMe / BradyK9Vest

“I like seeing the smile on the handler’s face,” he said.

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