14-year-old dog Wiggles finally finds a home after 11 years in shelter

Dogs that are residing in shelters all have only one wish: to find a forever home, but sadly this wish takes for some a long time to get fulfilled.

Facebook/5A’s Animal Shelter

What makes this matter even worse is that senior dogs have less chances to get adopted, so the longer they spend time in a shelter the harder it is for them to get a happy ending.

Luckily a dog has put an end to a lifetime in shelter after finally getting adopted.

Wiggles is a 14-year-old dog that has spent most of her life at 5A’s Animal Shelter in Godfrey, Illinois.

Facebook/5A’s Animal Shelter

According to WZZM13 reports, Wiggles was surrounded to the shelter when she was only 3 years old since her owner was allergic.

The shelter worked to find her a forever home but she always got overlooked. “Wiggles has been with us many years and has never gotten a second look,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

As time went on things kept getting more complicated, the pooch developed a large tumor in 2016, it was benign, but Wiggles was too old to have it safely surgically removed… and that turned out to be another factor keeping her from finding a family.

“We’ve had several calls but the minute I tell him that the tumor is the size of a cantaloupe they’re like, ‘Oh my,’” Karla Crane, a kennel worker at 5A’s, told WZZM13.

The pooch also doesn’t get along with other dogs and this also limited possible adoption chances for her.

Facebook/5A’s Animal Shelter

But the shelter was convinced that there will be a family that would love her just the way she is.

They describe her as a sweet loving dog that loves to sit on the lap and it’s just looking for a home “to live the rest of days in.”

“She’s a sweetheart and she’s a happy girl,” Karla said.

When the dog turned 14 the shelter decided to make another push to get her the forever home she deserves and they shared her story on social media.

Their hard work finally paid off and a couple from Lake St.Louis, Missouri came across the story of Wiggle and then drove down to 5A’s looking to adopt her.

“The couple had dogs that passed away with cancer and thought it was time to adopt again,” Karla told RiverBender.com. “They have a big fenced-in yard and a nice neighborhood. They came on Sunday afternoon. This seems perfect for Wiggles.”

Karla shared that she has been in contact with the parents since then and the pooch is doing well, adjusting to the new home and not barking at other dogs.

Facebook/5A’s Animal Shelter

This is a bittersweet moment to all because the kennels feel empty without Wiggles but at least she finally got the deserving happy ending.

“I cried tears of happiness at her adoption,” Karla said.

Wow, one of the best stories we have come across.

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