18-year-old volunteer saves puppy’s life on his first rescue mission

A group of friends and a 3 1/2-month-old puppy were taking a hike near Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, Colorado in the beginning of October, the little puppy named Blue lost its footing.

San Miguel County Sheriff.

The poor dog fell down 15 feet to a small ledge in a narrow chute, but was not injured, thankfully.

The friends group tried hard to rescue the tiny pooch, one of the male workers even positioned himself below the puppy in case Blue fell, he also would rescue the 25-year-old woman, who volunteered to make her way to the puppy, in case she slipped.

Just as the woman was to rescue the dog unfortunately she lost footing and fell from the 30 feet cliff.

The guy broke the fall but then they both slid for another 20 feets down the vertical scree field, reports the San Miguel County Sheriff.

San Miguel County Sheriff.

The hikers group then contacted emergency services to come and help.

San Miguel County Search and Rescue, deputies, and EMS responded to the scene and worked together to rescue two injured hikers first.

The hikers got saved and were sent to the hospital thankfully without life threatening injuries.

It’s said that the 25 years old woman had suffered traumatic injuries while the man had only minor injuries.

San Miguel County Sheriff.

“Very, very lucky,” Susan Lilly, a public information officer for the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office and EMT, told CBS Denver. “This could have certainly had a different outcome, really a life altering outcome, from the kind of fall she took.”

Now was the time for them to give attention to Blue.

“People before puppies,” Lilly explained to Telluride News. However for the team, “there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that we were going to rescue that puppy.”

Wiley Holbrooke, 18, and a senior team member, Chris White set up a separate rope system so they rappelled down to the young puppy.

The young man was a high school graduate that joined the rescue team lately, and this was his first mission.

He managed to lower himself where the dog was, he got the scared dog onto his belt, and reunited her with her worried owner.

San Miguel County Sheriff.

Even though he was a new team member, Holbrooke’s calm demeanor and skills helped to save the sweet pooch life.

“For me, it was the perfect scenario to get thrown into as my first time because I could get It done, I knew how it was supposed to go,” he said.

San Miguel County Sheriff.

The rescue took around three and half hours.

Wow we are so happy they are all safe and sound.

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