Blind dog and his ‘seeing eye cat’ are now are looking for a new home together

Shelters are full with dogs and cats who are waiting for their forever homes, but for some it takes a long time to get their wish come true.

Animals who are bonded together in the shelter but have almost nonexistent chance of getting adopted as a pair suffer the most.

A duo of animals, a cat and a dog, have a unique reason to stick together: the pooch is blind and the feline is his “seeing eye cat”.

They have spent their life together and now are in the need of a home that won’t tear them apart.

According to Global News Canada, the dog named Spike and the cat named Max are both 8 years old and were surrendered to the Saving Grace Animal Society in Alberta, Canada, after the owner saw they couldn’t offer them the quality of life that they needed.

After the shelter picked the pets up they had it clear that the animals were a team.

“It’s absolutely adorable,” executive director Erin Deems told Global News Canada. “When we walked up onto the property, there was this tiny igloo shelter and they were just cuddled in there right together.”

“The cat has just kind of helped him in his little survival trek. They follow each other everywhere, they do every activity together and they sleep together.”

The society knew that they had to find a home to accept both the animal’s, they couldn’t even imagine what the poor dog would do without his cat buddy next to him.

The shelter says that Max and Spike still have to go under a vet examination and then they would be put up for adoption “as a duo”.

The shelter knows that it might take a time until they find a home to adopt both of them together.

“There’s got to be somebody out there that wants to take them on, but it is a little more challenging,” Erin Deems told Global News. “Most people think it’s a lot to take in one animal, let alone two… but there’s always people out there with open hearts that really want to take in senior animals and show them the retirement home and love that they deserve.”

The shelter will help whoever decides to adopt the duo by making them pay only one adoption fee.

We truly hope they will find a suitable home together and live the happy life they deserve.

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