Time after time we stumble upon inspiring stories of kind humans that take care for animals in need and that make us see that there is still hope in humanity.

While in some places winter still has time to come, in other states the temperatures have already started to drop, and a group of street dogs in South Brazil have find a perfect warm home to escape the low temperatures.

It’s still unclear if these poor dogs were born in the streets or were abandoned by their cruel owners but what matters is that now, they know what having a warm home feels like, all this because of kind hearted staff of a bus terminal in the city of Curitiba, that decided to take into their terminal the stray dogs to save them from the freezing weather.

The dogs now have food, water, beds and blankets and even have been named Max, Pitoco, and Zoinho by the staff that rescued them.

The creative staff created dog’s beds from old car tires, that it may sene uncomfy for us, but to the canines they feel like a five star hotel beds.

Fabiane Rosa a Brazilian local politician heard the story and decided to pay a visit to  show his praises to the terminal staff, the Facebook post of his visit has gone viral with thousands of shares.

Rosa shows his concern and reports that there are millions of animals that face abuse and neglect and are living under terrible circumstances, they all need our help.

One line stands out more in all his speech it makes you think deeply: ‘’We must understand that this world is not a privilege of humans. God created animals to teach us to love unconditionally,” Fabiane wrote in his post.

Always remember that line, is one of the truest things I have ever read.

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