Dad worries deaf and blind dog won’t recognize him after a year apart, but she runs right to him

It’s already been a year since the pandemic started, everyone’s life has changed, the social distancing and travel regulations have caused a lot of people to stay away from their loved ones for a pretty long time.

One man had to stay away from his furry friend for a long time and was scared he wouldn’t recognize him after all this time apart but he got a heartwarming reunion instead and now their video has gone viral.

Hayden Kristal, a comedian and public speaker, five years ago brought home a deaf and blind puppy named Bitsy.

The sweet furry adjusted quickly to the new home despite her disabilities and became such a lovely addition to the family.

Facebook/Hayden Kristal

“Bitsy is the sweetest, friendliest, most loving and loyal dog in the world,” Hayden told The Dodo. “She is bold and sassy and she loves adventure!”

She won the heart of Hayden’s dad, Steve who loved to spoil her with toys and got truly attached to her.

“He is her number one fan and her biggest champion,” Hayden said.

Unfortunately the pandemic situation made Hayden and his dad to separate meaning that he also would be away from his favourite dog.

Lately they got reunited again but Steve was afraid that Bitsy might have forgotten about him.

“My dad was very worried that… Bitsy wouldn’t recognize him after one year apart due to quarantine,” Hayden wrote on TikTok.

But their worries quickly were dismissed when Bitsy ran to the old man and started licking him, Steve was thrilled that his beloved pooch still remembered him.

“As soon as I got within scent range she totally lost her mind with joy,” Steve wrote on Facebook. “So did I.”

The video was shared on Hayden social media accounts and soon went viral with a lot of people loving their reunion.

Steve was the happiest one here.

“Once again Bitsy proved that the abilities she has are far more impressive than the ones she is missing,” he wrote. “What a truly amazing and wonderful soul.”

What a sweet reunion, who is cutting onions here?

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