Dog rescued from rubble of home after surviving deadly tornado

When natural disasters happen people start praying to receive good news on the way and get quick recovery, a community in Alabama got their prayers answered after they found something unexpected in the wreckage of a tornado.

An EF-2 tornado struck the city of Fultondale, Alabama on Monday night, according to the reports of  WSB-TV, one person lost his life and dozens others were injured in addition to property damage.

Williams’ family was between them that lost their home in the scary tornado, they managed to survive by escaping to a tornado shelter after their home was destroyed.

“Just as soon as we got in there, it just came down on top of us,” Jason Williams told WSB-TV. “We were trapped underneath some stuff for about 15, 20 minutes until our neighbors came, helped us get out.”

The family were grateful for being alive but they needed to come to terms with the fact that they lost everything, the saddest part was that their pets couldn’t make it out alive, Smokey their  beloved pooch was nowhere to be found.

After the tornado passed the family and their neighbor’s went out to look at the wreckage that was left  and when they found someone alive under the rubbles they were stunned.

They found their beloved Smokey safe and sound.

The poor pooch was scared at first but they managed to lure him out, the survival of Smokey was definitely good news in the dark morning.

“I’m just so proud that Smokey is OK,” Jason said.

Unfortunately it seems like some of their other pets couldn’t make it, like their turtle and their Guinea pig.

They lost a lot but the family was still grateful about everything they still had, more importantly their health.

“We’re bruising and scraped up, but other than that, God had his mighty hands on us,” Jason told the Associated Press.

We feel for all the tornado victims and we hope that everyone that is going through a hard time will find their silver lining.

Source : Youtube / Associated Press

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