Dog stolen 8 years ago finally reunited with his family for Christmas

Christmas time is the most amazing time of the year, and for one woman it was also the time that proved her miracles existed after her long time wish came true during the holidays.

Facebook/Humane Society of Summit County

Julia Nemeth, from Barberton, Ohio, raised her beloved pit bull terrier mix Junior since he was  just a puppy.

They became inseparable during the years and she described Junior as ” devoted, smart and friendly” who was able to learn commands.

The dog got stolen during a home invasion in 2012 and their friendship was cut short.

Facebook/Humane Society of Summit County

Julia was heartbroken, years passed but she never gave up trying to find her pet, she continued her search online, one time she believed she found Junior on craigslist but the seller never responded.

In fact the dog was also out there looking for her too and surrendered to the Humane Society of Summit County in 2018.

According to a press release by the shelter, Junior, who they named Buddy received medical treatment and was available for adoption, but none of those families worked up with the pooch.

“Buddy was a staff and volunteer favorite, known for loving chew toys, but was aloof with visitors,” HSSC wrote. “He was adopted three times over the years, but none of the families were the right fit.”

Facebook/Humane Society of Summit County

Maybe this was because the dog felt that his original owner was still trying to find him.

But the dog had to wait and the woman kept searching but her search never lined up with Junior’s time at the HSSC, the pooch was in the shelter care for two years on and off.

But just when all it seemed lost a miracle happened: finally Julia managed to find the picture of Junior on the HSSC website, and the shelter immediately realized it was a match.

The woman drove to meet her old dog and even though it took some time the pooch realised who she was.

“During the initial meeting, Junior was a bit distracted but instantly connected with Julia, licking his long lost owner’s face as if there was a glimmer of a memory,” the HSSC wrote. “She tried some of the hand signal commands she had taught Junior years ago and he obeyed them perfectly.”

After eight years apart Julia found Junior who now was 9 years old and took him home that same day.

Facebook/Humane Society of Summit County

“I keep asking my husband to pinch me because I can’t believe this is real,” Julia said. “I can’t believe Junior is home. He carried me through challenges of my life and to have him back means everything to me.”

The best of all was the timing, the dog would be home just in time for Christmas.

“Julia tells us Junior likes to snuggle on the couch on the laps of his family members,” the HSSC wrote. “He warmed up to the children and the family’s other dog quickly. He still loves chew toys and balls, and plays catch with Julia’s son in their big backyard.”

What a miracle.

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  1. Thankfully this is a heartwarming story–it is so rare that a dog gets to return to the person who loves him most and those thieves never really want the dog. The best news is that the microchip has been like a miracle to identify dogs that end up in shelters and they have to be registered and if changes are made, they have to be updated. So happy for this reunion!!

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