Dog travels every day to visit his late owner’s grave

Pets can be emotionally intelligent, for example they seem to understand when their owners pass away and even grief about their loved ones.

Facebook/Sara Sechi

Animals sometimes express their mourning by visiting their loved ones’ graves, just like a little dog that travels everyday just to visit his friend’s grave.

Leonardo, a man from Italy, loved his loyal dog Fulmine deeply after getting him adopted when he was a little puppy. For seven years they were inseparable.

“They were very affectionate,” Leonardo’s daughter Sara Sechi told The Dodo. “They were always cuddling.”

Unfortunately the sweet friendship came to an end when Leonardo fell ill, and then passed away on February 22.

Facebook/Sara Sechi

Fulmine was taken in by the man’s family and immediately was shown that he missed his  best friend terribly, he couldn’t eat and always waited for Leonardo to somehow show up.

“Every time a car approached, Fulmine would run to the gate in case it was my father,” Sara said.

They had no idea that the smart canine would soon find a way to see his owner again.

The old owner was buried in a cemetery in Sassari, Italy, the place was two kilometres away from their family home, reports The Florida Star.

Facebook/Sara Sechi

When Sara and her son went to visit the plot and lay flowers on Leonardo’s grave they noticed that an unexpected visitor was already there, paying its own respects. The precious dog was there.

Sara was stunned when she noticed the dog there, it seemed like he ran away from his enclosure but what made the matter more interesting was how Fulmine managed to locate his owner’s grave and cemetery since they never took him there.

“At first, I didn’t believe it,” Sara told The Florida Star. “How could he have found my dad’s cemetery and the grave?”

The only explanation is that a loyal pooch will always find a way to be near his owner.

“I like to think he’s guided by his love for my father,” Sara told The Dodo. “Or that my father led him there. It’s one of those strange things without a real explanation.”

Facebook/Sara Sechi

Locals informed Sara that they had noticed the dog coming there before, it was clear he went there on a daily basis and was grieving for his owner just like humans do.

“It makes me emotional to think about how much my father loved Fulmine, and how much Fulmine loves him,” Sara said. “It’s sad to see him grieving, but we will slowly overcome this sad moment together.”

Pets truly love us unconditionally.

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