Dog who has been in shelter for four years just wants her forever home

Shelter is filled with many dogs who pray and hope to get their forever homes, but even with no fault of their own for some dogs that take longer to become reality.

Facebook/Ulster County SPCA

Some dogs spend years living in shelters being closed into a kennel and dream about finding a family.

Like the dog of our story who is dreaming of having a forever home for four years now and hopes that 2021 will be the year of this wish coming true.

Let us introduce you to Mia. Mia never had an easy life, she was brought to Ulster County SPCA, in New York, four years ago after being found on the streets.

“Mia was found as a stray and went unclaimed,” Ulster County SPCA wrote. “Scared, confused, and untrusting, Mia had no idea what to make of her situation.”

The poor pooch was terrified at first  but the gentle shelter workers got through her and gained her trust.

The terrier mix adjusted to the new surroundings soon and the staff fell in love with her in no time.

The saddest thing was that people didn’t see what an amazing pooch she was, years were going by and no one wanted to adopt her.

She has been waiting for a home for 4 years now making her the SPCA’s longest resident.

“Our biggest wish for Mia is a HOME for 2021, and not just a shelter cot,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook video.

Like it usually happens with longtime shelter dogs Mia too needs a lot of time to ease into any new home.

The shelters requested that if anyone wanted to adopt her they should firstly meet her a few times and that the house should be calm without children or any other pets.

But whoever decides to adopt sweet Mia will have a loyal and adventurous companion.

“She loves kisses (hope you don’t mind your face being a little damp), toys, blankies, co-piloting on car rides,” the SPCA wrote. “She’s an independent and strong-willed dog who amazes us with her resilience.”

We truly hope that the sweet canine will find a new home soon.

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