Drivers get stuck in traffic jam as mama leopard teaches cubs how to cross the road

Starting the day in a traffic jam is always nerve wracking, but when the traffic jam takes place in an African wildest reserve we assure you will enjoy that time.

Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of the latest places on the African continent that wild animals still can roam free, so that’s an amazing opportunity for both tourists and loclas who’re driving through the natural reserve’s roads to see and enjoy wild animals while in their natural habitat.

From elephants to majestic lions, leopards or rhinos they all can be seen by the drivers.

Thinus Delport was recently driving with his daughter when they witnessed a lovely scene, the 64 year old man noticed a traffic jam in front of them and received the surprise of his life when realized an adorable leopard family was responsible for it.

“We hit a traffic jam where a few cars were stationary,” Delport told Latest Sightings. “It seemed like visitors were looking at a pride of lions. My daughter noticed that in the thicket behind our vehicle, there was a mother leopard trying to move her cubs!”

The leopard mom and her little ones  were about to cross the road, but the little cubs got scared and refused to follow their mom.

But when the cars stopped the majestic mom tried to convince her little ones to cross, finally the little Cubs decided to trust their mom and followed her.

During the cross road one of the cubs was exhausted but thankfully it’s mom was there and helped him out.

The sight gave the opportunity to Delport’s daughters to spot the elusive wild cats for the first time ever. “Early morning, my daughters and I left the camp looking for leopards,” he said. “They were convinced that there are no leopards in the Kruger, as neither of them had ever seen one. As we drove, I jokingly convinced them to start singing in the car, to draw the leopards out, and so they did – and to my surprise – it actually worked!”

Wow it must be magic living there for sure.

h/t: latestsighting

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