Eight-week-old puppy gets snatched by DoorDash delivery driver

Having your pet stolen is definitely one of the most heartbreaking things one gets to experience, you are left worried thinking how your pet will survive and what they are going through.


A family went through such an ordeal and were shocked when they realized their dog was stolen under their nose. Fortunately this story has a happy ending.

Ashley Swinton, from Warren Michigan, and her children received a very special gift for Christmas this year: an eight-week-old American bulldog, who they named Bella.

The dog was such a precious addition to the family but she was gone just days after they welcomed her home.


Ashley had food delivered to their home a few days after Christmas through the service DoorDash, according to Click on Detroit.

The person who brought the delivery arrived, entered their porch that was enclosed and dropped the food off.

But this wasn’t all, the surveillance cameras showed the delivery person petting Bella and then suddenly scooped the pooch in her arms and left.

When the family realised that their beloved puppy was gone they got so sad, they were afraid the dog left the house and got lost, but after checking the surveillance cameras they realized their pet was stolen and not lost.

“You can’t trust anybody. You just can’t,” Ashley Swinton told Click on Detroit.

The family contacted DoorDash for information first, but it turned out that the woman who stole the pooch was a “subcontractor” under the original driver, and it wasn’t clear who she was.

So next Ashley contacted the Warren Police Department, who were able to get the license plate from security footage and track the dog’s thief down.

She was a 26-year-old woman from Warren, and the police arrested her.

Justice got served and most importantly sweet Bella was back home.

“Ultimately, it was the children’s Christmas gift,” I’m happy the dog was able to be returned to them,” Detective Brian Price of the Warren Police Department said.

What  can we say some people are weird.

Source : Youtube/Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV

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