Family Wanted To Euthanize Their 10-Year-Old Dog Because He’s “Too Old”

Some dog owners can be truly cruel and they don’t deserve poor animals at all.

Sidewalk Specials/Youtube

Sidewalk Specials meet Henry  in De Doorns, South Africa, after neighbor’s reported about vicious stray dogs attacking him days prior, and he was left with deep wounds.

But his owners didn’t even bother to take care of him and instead wanted to get him euthanized because he was “old”.

Harvey is only 10 and he still has a lot to offer.

Unfortunately he has infected wounds, and has tick bite fever but he is receiving treatment for both of them and is in good hands now.

Sidewalk Specials/Youtube

The dog is awaited to have a full recovery and has a lot of hope despite what he has been through.

His family didn’t want him anymore but he was better off without them.

He was kept on chain 24/7 on his previous home which became embedded on his neck, now that he is free he is feeling way better. 

Sweet pooch gets along great with both cats and dogs, he loves cuddling on the couch and also loves to go for long walks.

We truly hope someone out there will want to give him a loving forever home.

If you are interested please contact: Sidewalk Specials at

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