Husky who has been returned to shelter 7 times just wants a forever home

Dogs who live on the shelter wish to find their forever homes but unfortunately some go weeks and months before getting that wish come true.

What makes matters worse for these canines is if they think they finally found their forever home just to get back again at the shelters since their adopters aren’t sure.

One canine has gone through this story not once not twice but seven times, and he still hasn’t given  up and believes to find his forever home.

Let us introduce you with the three year old Husky named Houdini who is at the care of the San Diego Department of Animal Services.

He got the name because the pooch likes to escape like his famous magician namesake, he proved his ability for that on his first adoptive home.

According to the County News Center, the dog jumped through the screen of a second story window.

Sadly he was brought back to the shelter by his family and his luck didn’t  get any better, he has been adopted by six other families since then and always was brought back.

All the adoptions have lasted only for days, so the owners didn’t give themselves a chance to form a real bond with  the pooch.

The shelter also suspects that people fall in love only with the dog’s looks and don’t care much about his personality and after they send him home they can’t keep up with his energy.

But despite all this DAS still hopes that some suitable adapter will come along and the eighth time will be the charm.

“He just needs a patient, compassionate new owner that is willing to commit to addressing his special needs,” Kelly Campbell, Director of the Department of Animal Services, told the County News Center.”

“We here at the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services would like to find the perfect adopter or foster family for Houdini. It would have to be a person or persons who are active, experienced with the breed, experienced with dog training and willing to be dedicated to helping Houdini become the best dog that he can be.”

Last month the story of Houdini was posted by the staff and they said as a joke that they need someone to make him disappear from their shelter.

They wished to find him a home for Christmas but that didn’t happen so now we will have to pray that the wish will come true for valentine’s.

“We truly believe he has the potential to be an amazing addition to the family, if he could only find his perfect, devoted companion,” Kelly Campbell said.

We are gonna keep Houdini in our prayers as well.

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