Joe Biden’s family dog, will be the first rescue from a shelter to ever live in the White House

Has been almost four years since the White House fell deaf without barking sounds, pets have always been part of the house and almost every president who preceded Trump had their own furry loyal friends.

But this will change after some months since Joe Biden the president elect will be moved into the White House, he will be together with his two loyal furries Champ and Major both German Shepherd.

Major will make presidential pet history since he is the first dog that “directly came from an animal rescue,” Andrew Hager, director at the Presidential Pet Museum, told CBS News.

There was another rescue animal before Major, the dog was named Yuki and was the favourite dog of President Lyndon Johnson.

According to the  Presidential Pet Museum, Yuki was a gift from the former president’s daughter, Luci, she found the terrier mix at a gas station and gave the dog to her father as a birthday present.

According to The Review, President Lincoln also had a dog named Fido that was taken in as a stray.

Under Trump’s administration the White House was without pets for 4 years but this is about to change.

Major has been a part of Joe Biden’s family for two years now, he was adopted from the Delaware Humane Association (DHA), an animal shelter in Wilmington.

Major and his other 5 siblings had consumed toxic material while living in their previous home as they were still little puppies.

When the previous owner saw how much the medical bill would cost them if they were to take care of the litter they abandoned them to a local veterinary office.

“They basically just left the dogs [there],” said Cory Topel, the marketing manager of DHA.

Facebook/Delaware Humane Association

The DHA found out about the puppy and then they shared a post on social media. Ashley, Biden’s daughter came across that post and then Major became the newest member of the Biden family.

“What the puppies went through was traumatic and scary,” Topel said. “They almost died. People at DHA got really attached to them, so [it] was nice that Joe didn’t just sign the paperwork, he hung around a little bit. Almost every staff member took a final photo with Major. It was sweet. It was special.”

Trump was the first president in over 100 years that didn’t own a pet, Toped added:  “I think it takes a certain type of person to take a stand and realize that animals have rights too. It’s not a coincidence that people who love animals are often our leaders… there’s nothing like the love of an animal—so it’s no wonder that there is a correlation between [adopting pets and self care].”

Facebook/Delaware Humane Association

We are sure that the White House will feel warmer than ever with these two pooches.

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  1. Dogs have a way of speaking with their eyes which can offer thanks, suggestions, and agreement…

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