Wild animals, often get to face getting stuck away from their usually nature, in the middle of human populated roads and we can imagine how scary must be for them to find themselves in strange and unknown places.

Thanks to highways, our lives are now way easier and we are able to travel long distances in short times, but to wild animals they can be highly dangerous since there are multiple cases when they have lost their lives, trying to cross them, the danger gets doubled if you are known as the slowest animal in the world.

Sloths are South America native mammals, and they are known for being one of the slowest animals on earth and they usually spent their lives in tropical rainforests, hanging upside down.

A little sloth found himself one day trapped in the middle of a highway in Quevedo, central Ecuador, and needless to say the poor thing was scared, but with a cops warm gesture, he received a second chance to live.

Several drivers called authorities to notify then for the poor animal, so the local cop went out to the scene.

When the cute animal noticed the officer, he sensed he was there to help him and tried to be very cooperative with his rescuer, making this one of the most adorable rescue missions one can witness.

When the little sloth got saved, he was sent to a vet, and after the check up, he was released to his home into the wild.

“We want to let you know the sloth was rescued and taken by officers to a vet who said it was in a good condition to be returned to its habitat,” the police wrote on their Facebook page.

We are happy that the story had a happy ending, and we still remain curious to know why this cute little animal, wanted to cross that dangerous highway…

More info: CTEcuador

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