Lonely shelter pit bull was the one left behind after 299 dogs got adopted

Being a shelter dog is not an easy life, you see other friends getting out and having their chance at a family while you may wait longer for that to happen to you.

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A poor shelter dog went through a really tough situation after he was the only one left at the shelter with around 300 other dogs getting adopted.

He had to wait a bit longer but thankfully he got his well deserved happy ending.

King Zeus, a pit bull/Weimaraner mix, arrived at Indiana’s Humane Society for Hamilton County in 2018.

The 9 year old canine has some scars on his face, a clear indication that his life on the streets was a difficult one, but everyone hoped that things for the dog would get better after he found a forever home.

The HSHC said that Zeus “quickly captured our hearts.” “His soulful eyes and love for pets and cuddles made him a staff favorite,” they wrote on Facebook.

The dog didn’t like cats but he was trained, friendly and good with kids. The staff believed that a perfect family would be out there for him.

But one day things got painfully clear: people weren’t interested in Zeus, in one adoption event every dog found its forever home except Zeus.

Some sad and heartbreaking pictures have been published showing the pooch all alone in his cage looking sad as though he knew what was happening.

Facebook/Gina Smola

“King Zeus was left behind,” the HSHC wrote on Facebook. “299 dogs at Mega found their forever homes, but nobody stopped to look at our Zeus.”

It’s not clear why this happened, whether it was his looks or his breed because as we all know people judge pit bulls as aggressive and often are reluctant to adopt one.

“He is sweet, gentle, and likes children yet no one looked at him,” said animal training and behavior manager Gina Smola. “Maybe it was because of the scars that are all over his face. Maybe it was because he was laying down quietly in his crate.”

The day was devastating and sad the Humane Society refused to give up and were determined to find a home that would accept sweet Zeus just the way he was.

The story went viral and people fell in love with the lonely pooch.

King Zeus finally received the much awaited news in October 2018: he was adopted.

Facebook/Gina Smola

“It’s always an amazing day when a long term resident finds a home,” the HSHC wrote on Facebook. “Today, King Zeus went home with his forever family.”

“We are overwhelmed with all of the support and well-wishes for KZ and are so happy to share with you his happiness ever after.”

The shelter was so happy that this good boy got the ending that he deserved and we are happy too.

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