Loyal dog waits for days outside hospital, then finally reunites with his owner

A dog is the most loyal creature that one can have, they love us unconditionally and would do anything to stay near us all the time.

Screenshot/ The Guardian

Sometimes when dog owners end up in the hospital their canines sense that their beloved humans need them so their loyalty waits even though sometimes they are not allowed inside.

Like the dog of our story who waited for days outside the hospital for his beloved owner.

The guardian and local media reported about a dog named Boncuk that spent a week waiting outside a Trabzon hospital in Turkey after her owner was admitted there.

Screenshot/ The Guardian

As reports say the dog followed the ambulance that took the owner and then refused to leave the entrance.

Aynur Egeli Cemal’s daughter says she would take Boncuk home, but she would just keep coming back.

“She runs away from home and comes here, all by herself,” Aynur told The Guardian.

Loyal Boncuk got to see her beloved owner after 6 days, on a shared video we see Cemal getting wheeled out while the pooch is so happy and excited to see him.

The man was emotional when he saw the loyalty of his dog.

“She’s very used to me,” Cemal said. “And I miss her too, constantly.”

“They bring joy, and make people happy. They provide companionship just like humans and they make people happy.”

Dogs are truly our best friends.

Source : Youtube/Guardian News

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