Lucky Siberian Moose rescued from an Icy Death by 4 Men in a Helicopter

A rescue took place in Siberia last week, it was a matter of effort, got timing and a lot of compassion for a very pregnant moose.

Photos: Uralhelicom 

The moose had fallen into an ice hole on a frozen lake in Khanty-Mansiysk region of Siberia, much to her peril the  poor animal was completely stranded.

If the animal would be stuck in that hole for a few more hours for sure would lead to her assured death.

But luck was on their mothers to be side, and in that remote area a helicopter with 4 men flew over and spotted the desperate moose from up in the air.

Photos: Uralhelicom 

The men took a closer look and saw that the animal was in critical condition so they decided to land and help her.

The pilot from the Uralhelicom helicopter manufacturing company first got back to his base to get ropes and harnesses and then returned to save the animal.

After in a dramatic effort the men started trying to pull out the animal while one of them recorded, the mission wasn’t easy since the moose weighed around 600 kg.

But the kind men didn’t give up and with the effort they managed to pull the animal out gradually, one leg at a time.

The story didn’t end here, after getting out the poor animal lay beached on the frozen lake, unable to move, since it stayed almost 20 hours on the ice it went numb.

The men realized quickly that the animal had to move, so first they massaged her frozen limbs and then covered her with their jackets to keep her warm, the batteries of the camera ran out in the freezing weather so this part wasn’t recorded.

Photos: Uralhelicom 

The moose whom the man named Manka and had tagged her with a blue tie around her neck didn’t move at first but after the helicopter flew up she eventually staggered on her feet and started walking.

She was seen walking five days later from the air and her blue rope tie was clearly visible.

She looks healthy now, the helicopter team were inspired that they saved her so now they want to find Manka again to film the calf’s birth later this year.

Wow what incredible men they are.

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  1. thank you for your good deeds. may your gods bless you.

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