Man sees his missing dog on Facebook, has very emotional reunion after 200 days apart

Having your beloved pet going missing is one of the saddest things a human experiences, we keep looking for them but when a lot of time passes we have no other choice but to give up in ever finding them again.

Facebook/Washington County, TN Animal Shelter

But we should always keep in mind that miracles happen everyday, just like the story today where a man who lost all the hope into finding his dog got reunited with him after 200 long days.

Washington County Animal Shelter picked up a stray dog, a pit bull mix in April, the diff was found inside the house of somebody, they took the pooch in and named him Bones.

“He was a happy-go-lucky dog,” Tammy Davis, the shelter’s executive director, told The Dodo. “He was a little shy at first, and he wasn’t very fond of all the other dogs being around him, but he was extremely affectionate to people and very loving to the staff.”

Facebook/Washington County, TN Animal Shelter

The dog had a sweet and friendly nature but still the shelter was having difficulties in finding him a forever home, mostly because the pandemic didn’t bring them a lot of visitors.

So they shared a sweet video of bones while he was playing fetch hoping that someone will offer to adopt him.

Soon they received a comment that they never expected, someone wanted to adopt him and that someone was the dog’s actual owner.

“That’s my boy,” wrote Pat Livesay  in a comment under the shared video. “His name is Blue! Been missing since late March!”

This was an amazing twist and the shelter confirmed the man was the dog’s owner, and he couldn’t wait to reunite with his Blue furry.

After the dog went missing his owner had to change homes he moved from Tennessee to Texas because of work.

To get his precious dog back he had to drive over 1200 miles, but all that was worth it to have their heart touching reunion.

Facebook/Washington County, TN Animal Shelter

“It was very obvious that the dog had a bond with that person,” Davis said.

“Blue was shocked for a split second, like, ‘Am I believing my eyes?’ And then it was just immediate kisses and the man was crying, it was great.”

The sweet dog now is in Texas living with his beloved owner after the miracle took place and they got reunited.

“We wish that every animal could have a happy ending like that,” Davis told The Dodo.

Facebook/Washington County, TN Animal Shelter

“It makes all of our hard work worth it to be able to have moments like this.”

These are truly some precious stories.

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