Man takes limping dog to the vet, then realizes he was just copying him out of sympathy

Seeing our pets suffering from a medical condition is always hard, trying to get them better we sent them to the vet immediately.


One man got concerned about his dog’s health but at the vet he discovered that in fact the dog was more concerned about him, and what the man thought was an injury turned to be simply his kind pet’s way of showing solidarity with him.

Last year Russell Jones, from London, broke his ankle and ended up with a cast and on crutches, after something strange started to happen: his beloved canine 8-year-old lurcher named Billy, suddenly started limping, too.

The man grew concerned that something was wrong with his dog’s leg so the next day he went to the vet.

The appointment for the pooch cost £300, or over $400 USD, and involved scans and x-rays… and yet, nothing seemed out of place.

“He walked in normally, and when he came out they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with him,” Russell told ITV.

What made the situation more bizarre is that the dog started limping again when they got home.

After Michelle, Russell’s wife caught the dog sprinting around the garden while her husband was not around.

Then they pieced the story together: their smart dog was fake limping around the owner out of sympathy for him.

This is simply amazing and shows how kind dogs are to us, when the owner couldn’t walk normally Billy decided to do the same in solidarity.

Recently Rusell posted  a video of his dog limping next to him and explained the situation, he stated that he loves his dog dearly even though he cost him thousands of dollars in pointless medical check up.

The video went viral and some people jokingly called Billy a ” con artist” while others were so soft due to this gesture.

“He’s a very caring dog,” Michelle told ITV.

One more story showing us how much we mean to our beloved pets.

Source : Youtube/Sky News Australia

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