Man’s Heart Races As Firefighter Breaks Window To Save His Dog Trapped In Fire

In times of disasters people usually think about themselves and forget that there are animals who face the same danger, luckily this story is one of those where animals receive the same saving as humans.

CBS 42

A firefighter named Ryan Balmer managed to rescue a dog from a horrible barn fire in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

When Lititz Fire Department firefighters arrived at the scene of the fire just at midnight, they witnessed huge flames and smoke coming out of the barn.

Firefighters were informed by residents of a nearby farm that his beloved dog was sti inside the barn, as they approached the scene they heard loud barks.

CBS 42

Fireman Balmer had it clear that the dog had to get out of there as fast as possible for him to survive, so to gain access inside of the barn to the room where the canine was, he broke a window.

The brave man climbed in, grabbed the terrified canine quickly and then lifted her back outside through the broken window.

After being safe the scared canine ran towards her owners who were finally relieved.

“If that was my dog in there I would want someone to go in and try to get it out,” Balmer said. “We have a saying in the fire service, ‘risk a lot to save a lot.’ For that family, I’m sure that dog means a lot.”

Thank god for brave humans that put themselves to danger in order to save the canines at risk.

H/T to CBS 42.

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