Neighbors rally to help find dog who went missing for five days, save him from water

Having your dog going missing is always a difficult thing to go through, the situation gets even worse when the dogs are older and on medication  because this way the chances for them to survive alone in the wild is not high.

Facebook/Sarah Vallejo

When a gold retriever gets lost a community rallied to find him and rescued the pooch successfully before it was too late.

Jane Albrecht, from Lopez Island, Washington, owns a 14-year-old golden retriever named Sage.

Sage went missing last week, the situation was scary and worrisome because the dog Jane Albrecht, from Lopez Island, Washington, is the owner of a 14-year-old golden retriever named Sage, according to KOMO News.

Facebook/Sarah Vallejo

Jane was afraid that her beloved pooch may have “walked off to die”.

But no one wanted to give up on the canine, so Jane neighbor’s were rallying to help, they offered to search all over the neighborhood.

“People showed up who I had never met as well as people who know and love Jane and her dogs, the search party was amazing,” Sarah Vallejo, one of the members of the search party, wrote on Facebook.

The neighbor’s checked everywhere and even employed drones in order to search overhead but they had no luck.

Stephanie stated that she began to lose hope and just then she received a call informing her that the dog was found.

But things weren’t easy since the pooch was trapped.

Facebook/Sarah Vallejo

A man named Jim “Eagle Eye” Parker noticed the pooch in the bay, on a rock surrounded by rising water.

Jim gave Stephanie a kayak and she used it to reach the scared pooch and bring him to safety.

Sweet Sage is now at home after 5 days of being missing, he has some bruises but otherwise it’s unharmed and doing great.

This all was possible thanks to the kindness of the neighbor’s group that refused to give up.

According to KOMO, Jane wrote a Facebook post thanking her neighbors: “Thank you to my wonderful Lopez and online community for love and support.”

“I am so relieved that he was found, we all are. My gratitude and heart are full, overflowing with all the kindness shown to the rescuers,” Stephanie wrote on Facebook. “It took every single person. Every search, every drive, every hike, I really believe they all count.”

Facebook/Sarah Vallejo

We are so glad Sage is back home safe and so happy that out there we have so many kind people who are willing to help.

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