Real-life Lassie saves blind, elderly owner from freezing by leading sheriffs to scene

I think everyone remembers the classic show Lassie, about a sweet collie that always saved the day.

A usual story would involve Lassie alerting a neighbor about “Timmy stuck in a well.”

But let us tell you that thing is not only fiction since we all have witnessed countless stories in real life of dogs stepping up to save the day and saving people from different dangers.

One amazing dog recently saved her blind and elderly owner from a disaster.

A woman from Limington, Maine  on January 5 heard shoutings coming from her neighbor’s house and called the York County Sheriff’s Office.

After Sergeant Steve Thistlewood arrived to investigate, a yellow lab approached him and seemed eager to get his attention.

The officers decided to follow the canine and discovered why she was so eager for them tk follow her: the 84 year old owner of the pooch had fallen into an icy brook and got trapped.

The elderly man was blind and fell in while he was putting Samthaan his pet on a dog run.

“He yelled and yelled but soon became exhausted and started succumbing to the cold – the temperature was 30 degrees at that time,” the York County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

Seeing her owner in need of help the dog rushed off to get help, she managed to save her owner from freezing to death by leading the officers to the scene.

Wow well done girl, you are indeed a hero.

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