Restaurant owner always provides free meals for local strays, and they become his best customers

Stray animals lead a really sad and dangerous life, they have to fight for survival and rely on strangers’ kindness for scraps of food.

Fortunately for these sweet furries out there are many kind humans that would gladly help them, some people ignore these poor suffering animals but others offer a warm bed and a nice meal to those who have nothing.

Facebook/Restaurante – ajilalo

For example a restaurant has become famous amongst the locals especially amongst local stray dogs since they provide them delicious meals.

Ajilando is a restaurant in Peru owned by Gerardo Ortiz, the place is popular with humans but also has  become the favourite place of a different clientele: local street canines that show up there to get free meals.

According to The Dodo reports the owner Gerardo has been making meals for these canines for over 5 years, ever since a sweet stray came to his window in hopes to find food.

Facebook/Restaurante – ajilalo

The practice has grown from then after the word got spread among other local dogs.

Daily the restaurant sees “returning furry customers” or new hungry faces coming to get food, and Gerardo, a lifelong animal lover, serves them happily.

The canines are always patient and truly thankful for their food.

This routine has affected the owner’s human customers, if anything they  appreciate the kindness of the owner.

Facebook/Restaurante – ajilalo

“Thankfully, our clients have reacted well to the dogs,” Gerardo told The Dodo. “They are affectionate toward them.”

“For me, they are the best customers,” Gerardo said. “They do not pay us with money, but they pay us with their happiness and wagging tails.”

“They are very grateful, and we enjoy giving more than receiving.”

Facebook/Restaurante – ajilalo

Always so happy seeing kind people hope to inspire others.

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