Sad bears caged for 20 years take their first steps of freedom

Bears are wild massive animals that need a lot of space to roam on, so the best place for them to live is the wild.

But as often happen with these animals four bears, Fifi, Marsha,  Bruno and Pocahontas never had the chance to live out on the nature, they were taken away from their moms since they were only little Cubs, they were taken away from their natural habitat and were sent at a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania.

Youtube/PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

After getting there the poor animals were forced to perform tricks so the crowd would be entertained, the cruel owners wanted to get profits from them but never even feed them properly.

The zoo got closed after two long decades and the bears were hoping for a life of freedom after being in captivity for so long.

Their dreams were shattered soon after and they ended up in some rusty and tiny cages on the roadside.

The animals were living in miserable conditions; they were living in tiny spaces and had no shade to protect them from the sun.

Youtube/PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Bruno, Pocahontas, Marsha and Fifi after years of suffering finally got a chance of freedom.

In July 2015 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and The Wild Animal Sanctuary rescued them after long efforts.

When these sweet bears got rescued they simply couldn’t believe their eyes and their reaction was simply amazing.

If you didn’t know a bear could smile.

Since the bears spent their whole lives in captivity, getting them back into the wild was an impossible task, so the rescuers took them to Colorado where there is a bear sanctuary.

The four bears finally could live in peace there.

When they were found these animals were merely skin and bones but after getting in Colorado they made an incredible recovery.

So sad and happy at the same time for these furries.

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