Dogs are known to be one of the smartest animals, from visiting favorite people to ride the train alone, they keep surprising us day by day.

Youtube/The Dodo

A Golden Retriever named Cheddar, lived a normal life for 8 years, he had a family that spoiled him and loved him dearly.

But all that changed when one of the owners got diagnosed with cancer, meaning the family unfortunately had no more resources or time to take care of their beloved dog, so they decided to put him up for adoption.

Fortunately he found a forever home quick, and his entire life was about to change.

Cheddar picked up something when he arrived and his new home, and as the couple stopped to greet their elderly neighbor, Cheddar took a liking towards the woman immediately.

Youtube/The Dodo

The dog and Jean, the older women have become best friends, and Cheddar requests to go and see her everyday, and if he can’t go to her he throws a tantrum.

When Cheddar owners find impossible to take him to visit his friend, he goes there by himself, he grabs his leash and starts walking notifying the owners he needs to go see Jean.

If they choose a different road to walk, the dog tugs in his leash towards Jean’s home, it’s not clear how it started, but Jean and Cheddar have a unique strong bond.

As the famous saying goes, love requests no explanation.

Source : Youtube/The Dodo

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