Shelter gets all its pets adopted, has completely empty kennels for the first time in decades

Shelters do an amazing job trying to find forever homes for pets that are there, this js a tiring job that seems like a never ending circle, even when one dog finds a home another one in need arrives.

Illustrative photo/The Humane Society Of The Pikes Region

Recently one shelter celebrated a rare unique milestone: they got all their animal’s adopted for the first time, their kennels were completely empty for the first time in 30 years.

The shelter is the Marshall County Humane Society, in Indiana, they know this is a temporary situation but still see it as a big success and feel proud about the accomplishment.

“Although we know that it won’t last long and it’s our honor to care for the homeless pets in our community, this is a huge milestone for us and we are proud to finally reach this goal,” they wrote on Facebook.

“It’s been a great week and we are excited to celebrate it,” Nancy Cox, director of the Marshall County Humane Society, told WSBT.

The situation won’t last forever but having a clear shelter is a big achievement for a lot of reasons: first you have a chance to clean and reorganize the kennels if needed.

To a lot of shelters the  biggest problem is overcrowding, that makes it difficult for the shelter to function and give attention to every animal like it should, in the worst scenarios that leads to killing shelters where the unwanted animals get euthanized to make more room.

The Marshall County Humane Society clearly won’t be faced with these problems any time soon, they will be able to take care of every dog and cat that will find themselves in their care.

Having an empty shelter is also a clear indication that they are doing things right and their adoption methods are working great, sometimes the catch is to pair the right dog with the right person, like Earl case a former matted stray who was adopted this month by dog groomer Andrea Bottomley.

‘’He came in as a matted mess… as soon as I saw him I fell in love with him,” Andrea told WSBT.

“He was really shy,” she adds. “It took a couple of days. It’s just getting him to come up to me and letting me love on him and actually feel comfortable and not scared.”

Now the pooch tags along with his owner and goes to work at the grooming parlor.

Pet adoption has gone higher lately and people are connecting that with COVID-19 pandemic, since we have  to spend a lot of time inside. We are looking for a companion to these dark days.

According to Nancy people are educated more about pets and now they know to rescue rather than buy them.

“I think this is going to be a good new trend, I think we are going to come down and have people be more caring, more loving, and more supportive of shelter pets,” Nancy told WSBT.

A round of applause for the shelter for achieving something this amazing.

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