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What to Know When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Filing an insurance claim after being injured in a car accident may require the help of a lawyer. Deciding to hire a lawyer and then deciding which lawyer to hire are big decisions, so you should be aware of several things. You can avoid a lot of mistakes if you are informed about your options. Initial consultations with a personal injury lawyer are usually free. You shouldn’t let the cost of the lawyer scare you away from talking with one. While their advice will be limited during this free consultation, they will be able to talk about the basics of your case and what he or she thinks will happen. You should also know that when hiring a lawyer, experience matters. A good lawyer will specialize in only one (or maybe two) kinds of law. Being stretched too thin over more types of law will mean that they don’t have as much experience in the type of law pertaining to your case. They will be more likely to know what to do in a tricky situation if they have handled a lot of cases like yours. You should also watch out for ambulance chasers. It is a major red flag if you are contacted by a lawyer soon after your accident. Before you hire a lawyer, you should always make sure that they have a good reputation. You should know that not all personal injury cases need to file a lawsuit. Settling outside of court is often faster and less expensive. You want a lawyer who will consider getting the important information and talk to the insurance company without filing a lawsuit. It should be your last resort to go to court. If you have health insurance and you get a settlement, you may have to pay the insurance company back the medical bills that they paid. This means that you will need as much for your settlement as you can get. A lawyer will be able to negotiate for the highest settlement possible so you are covered.
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You should understand all about your lawyer’s fees. It is called a contingency fee when the lawyer is only paid when they win your case for you. If they lose your case, then you don’t owe them anything. It will be in the contract you sign what percentage of your total settlement will be their fee. This fee may not cover all the expenses that you will be responsible for. You should discuss what to expect by way of out-of-pocket expenses with your lawyer before you agree to anything.
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All cases will take some time. You should talk to the lawyer when you hire him or her about how long they think your case will take. Even though they cannot predict everything that might happen, they should be able to give you a reliable estimate.