The nonprofit offering peace of mind to the sick and elderly worrying about their pets

Elder people see their pets as the most important things in their life, we can say they are truly a life line to them.

For the old people who live alone and get diagnosed with serious illnesses they get worried more about their pets than their own life.

Pet Peace of Mind

Thinking about who will take care of their furry  babies while they are in the hospital or after they have gone from this world is exhausting and overwhelming for them.

An organisation now aims to help these elders to ease their worries and concentrate on themselves more.

Pet Peace of Mind assures that these sweet creatures will not get overlooked or forgotten when their pet parents cannot take care of them.

“I know of countless patients who have said that their pet is their lifeline. Pets are great medicine for coping with the anxiety that comes from dealing with a serious medical condition,” Pet Peace of Mind president Dianne McGill said.

“For many patients, keeping their pets near them during the end of life journey and finding homes for their beloved pets after they pass is one of the most important pieces of unfinished business.”

The organisation is based in Oregon and ensures the owners with terminal illnesses that they don’t have to be worried about their pets well being and also make sure their four-legged friends stay close by.

“People have come to bond with their pets in much the same way they bond with people,” their Facebook page reads.

“Pets are treated and loved like family members and they comfort their owners much like a close friend or relative. It is no wonder then that during the end-of-life journey, pets can play a critical role.

“Unfortunately, as families deal with grief and loss during hospice care, pets may be overlooked, forgotten, or even ignored by family members unfamiliar with the patient’s bond with a pet.”

The organisation relies on volunteers and donations to help with everything, from walking a sick person’s pet and grooming to finding a new home if their owners pass away.

“We had all seen things happen where the patient was in their ending days, and they were so concerned about what was going to happen to their pet, and the family would say, ‘It’s OK, we’ll take care of it,’ and then the patient would die and the dog was off to the pound,” Karen Jeffries, volunteer coordinator for St. Luke’s Hospice, told U.S. News and World Report.

The pet owners now can stop worrying about their beloved pets and rest assured that their furry friends will be looked after if they no longer are here.

This is an amazing idea, so happy that this kind of  organisation exists.

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