Two courageous men save drowning kangaroo off the coast of South Australia

Lives of two chefs were put on the line after they battled choppy conditions in order to rescue a kangaroo by drowning in the freezing waters.

Dan Marshall, 19, and Jeff Della-Mina, ran to the rocks and dived in with their clothes after they spotted the struggling roo off Port Elliot, about 82km south of Adelaide.

According to the reports the kangaroo became stranded near treacherous rocks to the south of Horseshoe Bay on Saturday about 4pm, as per The Advertiser reports.

The two men still  in their chef garb following the lunchtime rush at the Flying Fish Cafe,  for 20 minutes tried to get the terrified animal back to the shore.

At first the poor animal was scared by the help of these humans, but gave up eventually after men lassoed a rope around its neck and led it back to the beach,  where the kangaroo coughed up a significant amount of water.

The men put their own lives at risk, but then insisted that their efforts weren’t bravery acts.

”We are not brave, not at all. It just needed help. We like animals and we just wanted to give him a hand,” said Mr Della-Mina.

Mr Della-Mina stated that when they reached the animal he was clearly in distress and fighting for its life.

”When we got to him he was pretty knackered and he was struggling,” he said.

”It was pretty cold. I would have liked to have a wetsuit. I think the run knackered us more than the swim.”

Mr Marshall, from Goolwa South Australia, stated that he was ”just happy he is all right”.

”I would do it again,” he stated.

When the brave men managed to finally shepherd the scared Kangaroo back to dry ground, the local Country Fire Service and State Emergency Service crews were waiting for them.

True heroes, and we applaud them for their selfless act.


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