Vets save pregnant turtle after she was hit by car

Animals get injured by accident from time to time, but luckily out there are rescuers who will give them a helping hand and get them on their feets.

Facebook/CROW – Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc.

The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, or CROW, in Sanibel, Florida received a call informing them about a softshell turtle that was struck by a car.

These kinds of turtles are native to the local ponds and waterways of Florida, apparently this particular turtle made her way on the road.

She was sent to CROW and got treated by veterinarians for her injuries, who thankfully weren’t that serious.

While checking her up they noticed the animal was heavier than usual turtles:  “The average weight for breeding turtles of this species is around 7 kilograms and she weighed in over 12 kilograms!” CROW wrote on Facebook.

While they used radiographs to assess her injuries they discovered the secret of the turtle: she was pregnant.

The scan showed that the animal was carrying a large number of “ping pong ball looking eggs” inside her.

Most likely this is the reason why the mom to be an animal was out on the streets: around this time of year its common seeing turtles on the road since  expectant mothers search for a nesting site.

Thankfully the saved turtle and her eggs are in good conditions and soon will be free to go back to nature.

“Veterinarians plan to keep her overnight and if she is still doing great tomorrow morning, she will be released so she can lay her eggs in the wild!” CROW wrote on Facebook.

Yay we are so happy that soon to be mom turtle received the help needed.

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