11-year-old boy runs into street to save injured dog hit by car

Dogs and kids are known about their amazing bond they have with each other, kids can be extremely  caring about their pets.

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Our story presents us with a brave young boy that put his life on the line in order to save a dog that was in great danger.

As the Huffington Post states, the local press shared the news that a poor dog got injured after a car struck him, and the culprit ran away.

When hearing this devastating news Jean Fernandez, 11 years old ran to the rescue, the kid dogged incoming cars to bring the dog to safety.

Facebook/No One Cares

All people praised the young boy for his brave heart.

The mother of the boy told Brazilian news that this didn’t surprise her since her son is an animal lover and he often helps abused and abandoned pets.

The dog is now named Mel and was sent to an animal control center where he got his wounds treated and is expected to make a full recovery.

In this world we definitely need more people like Jean.


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