174 Foxes Freed From Tiny Cages Feel The Ground For The First Time

For the first time 174 foxes are tasting freedom after getting rescued from a fur farm.

Karen Gifford / Facebook

The footage of white foxes being freed from the tiny cages they lived in shows the animal being freed at a Buddhist nursery garden that is gonna be their temporary shelter to house them till  a special enclosure can be built for them by their rescuers in China.

As identified by Karen Gifford, animal activist Bohe rescued the foxes.

The farmed foxes that got rescued are domestically bred, “born in the spring and skinned in the winter” Gifford revealed on Facebook. “It’s horrifying for sure.”

Karen Gifford / Facebook

Since they are not wild animals they can not be freed in the wild so they will get a sanctuary to live there till the end of their days.

According to Gifford the foxes got rescued after Bohe and her supporters got to learn that the fox farmers were closing their business since they couldn’t make enough money.

The animals got rescued and were loaded onto trucks and transported to the Buddhist Jilin Nursing Garden in Mudanjiang, China.

When they approached the garden they tasted the freedom for the first time.

Gifford posted the photos and videos that she received showing the foxes being let out of the cages for the first time in their lives.

“Tears of joy!!! Omg omg omg can you imagine??? They are born in the spring and skinned in the winter! But because of Bohe and her supporters in China and my supporters here too these foxes will be safe from harm and fed for the rest of their lives! These precious creatures now being able to run and play and live.”

Gifford is pleading with supporters to help raise funds for dog food to feed the foxes details of which can be found in the post below.

Source: Youtube/South China Morning Post

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