8-year-old rides his bike to raise money and rescue puppies in China

If you sit and not try to do anything after witnessing dogs being treated in a cruel way, you are not an animal lover. 

There are times when we are unable to do anything but still we feel that angry side of us coming out, but a young boy only 8 years old showed us that age doesn’t mean anything if you want something.

Source: China Rescue Dogs

Rhys Stevens from Willingham, England, formed a fundraiser and the money would go toward dogs that are rescued from the dog meat trade.

According to a press release by China Rescue Dogs, the little boy, different from boys his age, is riding his green bike trying to make a difference to the lives of many abused canines who got rescued. 

The idea came after the little boy saw a documentary about meat trade in China that left him disturbed and wanting to do something to get those dogs away from the misery.

China Rescue Dogs is a nonprofit organization in Vass, North Carolina, that is focused on rescuing dogs from the cruel meat trade. 

The pets that get rescued are brought to North America to find their forever homes. 

Kathleen Steven the mother of this young hero encouraged her son, she said that even though her son lives in the other part of the world there are ways to help those poor souls.

Then this kind boy decided to start riding his bike in order to raise money.

“He has friends and family, and even a local construction company, that is now donating money for every mile that Rhys rides for the dogs. Right now, he is up over £300.”

The mother says she feels so proud about her son.

Source: China Rescue Dogs

“Rhys is passionate about dogs and animals in general. He just wants to do good things and make a difference.”  On Facebook, the boy shared: “I’m raising money for China Rescue Dogs Inc and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a little or a lot. Anything helps. I’m going to cycle 100 miles before the 31st of March to help raise money for this amazing charity. Thank you for your support.”

The President and Founder of China Rescue Dogs, Jill Stewart is extremely touched by the boys determination to help.

“The fact that an 8-year-old boy, halfway around the world, is so selfless that he would want to ride his bike to help us save these dogs, brings tears to my eyes.”

 In order to help the little boy, Jill matched Lola a Husky who is only 1 year old with him: “The fees to transport Lola out of China are approximately $2,500 USD. All the money Rhys generates with his bike ride fundraiser will go towards Lola’s transport fees.”

Rhys is happy to be able to help these animals in every way he can, even though he has a shy and quiet demeanor, he comes to discover: “I feel very happy that I’m doing this. I feel very excited that the money I am raising is helping Lola to get to her new home. I love dogs so much and this makes me very happy.”

Source: China Rescue Dogs

Lol will leave China in April to go to her forever home, and when she settles with the new family, everyone will thank Rhys and his bike for this opportunity.

Age doesn’t matter when you wanna be a hero, well done sweet boy.

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