Bindi Irwin’s baby daughter meets a koala for the first time

World went through a huge loss in 2006 after Steve Irwin, the beloved conservationist and Crocodile Hunter star, passed away at the age of 44.

He might be gone but his family kept his legacy of helping animals alive.


Terri, Steve’s wife and their children Robert and Bindi still play a big part in protecting and showcasing Australia’s wildlife, they run the zoo and saved tens of thousands of animals during the bushfires last year.

Lately the Irwin family has received a lot of blessings and good news: Bindi and her husband Chandler celebrated the birth of their first child in March, a sweet baby girl named Grace Warrior Irwin Powell.

The sweet newborn is the first granddaughter of late Steve Irwin, and even though she is only two months old she already seems to follow in her family footsteps.

The baby had the first animal encounter last month in the backyard at the Australia Zoo, where new grandma Terri introduced her to some chickens.

Twitter/Bindi Irwin

Now she has met another animal, an animal that is an iconic part of the Irwin legacy.

Chandler posted a picture of Grace meeting a koala for the first time, in the picture the sweet baby and koala are seen staring at each other with curiosity.

“We have had lots of smiles, the best giggles and we’ve met a koala!” Chandler wrote.

“Our gorgeous little Wildlife Warrior princess,” Bindi commented.

The shared photo is extra unique because the Irwin family has always been known for caring for the wildlife of their native Australia, and the koala is one of the continent’s most iconic creatures.

Facebook/Australia Zoo

During last year’s wildfires the koalas number took a drastic hit, the Irwin family’s Australia Zoo helps to save an average of 800 koalas a year.

Of course Koala was one of Steve’s favourites and one of the most famous pictures of the Crocodile Hunter star is him holding one.

After meeting the koala it seems like Grace has a favourite animal, Bindi shared a picture of her sweet two month old in an outfit with a koala in it, the outfit is on sale to support the family’s conservation efforts.

“Two months old and our beautiful Grace Warrior is all smiles!” Bindi wrote. “She is the happiest little light in the world.”

Awww, it seems like the little one is already on her grandpa’s steps.

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  1. Camille Costanzo | June 5, 2021 at 11:58 am | Reply

    how cute can you get! A wonderful age……enjoy her as they grow up too quickly!

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