Buddhist monk dedicates his life to saving thousands of stray dogs

The world is filled with dogs who need some kindness and protection from humans, but with a lot of people who simply do not care about them, there are others who dedicate all their lives in order to help them.

A Buddhist monk is one of those helping people and his faith led him to save thousands of dogs from china streets.

A 51 year old monk called Zhi Xiang has dedicated his time and resources to help stray dogs since 1994.  He has helped save an incredible 8,000 dogs.

He states that he is driven by his faith to help the helpless animals: “I have to rescue them because if I don’t, they will die for sure,” Zhi told AFP.

The kind man rescues animals from the street and then gives them a place to stay, either in his monastery or in a shelter he runs in Shanghai. He has rescued other animals like cats, but most of his rescues have been dogs.

According to AFP reports, the  dog’s  care costs him $2 million a year. His mission is supported by his parents, fellow monks and other kind donors.

In China the problem with stray  cats and dogs is huge and their population is estimated around 50 million homeless animals.

According to Zhi a big part of this problem is the careless owners that don’t neuter or spay their pets.

“Stray animals are neither caused by people who dislike animals, nor by the government, but by the so-called dog lovers,” Zhi told AFP. “If they adopt a dog without sterilising them, without proper animal-caring concept, they are getting dogs and then abandoning them when they don’t want to raise them anymore, which causes out-of-order breeding.”

The population of these stray animals is a major issue. The monk is playing a big part in helping reduce the number of strays by getting the dogs adopted abroad.

He says he misses the dogs when they go overseas he hopes they will get to reunite again.

“I think they’re very happy so I feel it’s worthwhile,” Zhi said, after dropping a dog at the airport as it headed overseas to Seattle. “But of course I miss them.”

“I have a dream that one day, when I have some free time, I want to go abroad and visit them, take photos with every dog that I rescued,” he said. “So when I get old and can’t walk, I have these photos to look at.”

Thank you kind sir for your beloved service.

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