Bull’s been imprisoned his whole life and the moment he’s set free is beautiful to behold

For pets like cats and dogs life is easier, since a lot of humans take care of them, but it’s a totally different story for the animals like cattle and pigs that serve meat industry.

Rolling Stones has done an explanation in the case, “There are laws in every state barring cruelty to house pets, but almost none that safeguard farm animals.”

Source: Gut Aiderbichl/Daily Mail UK

A German YouTube channel, Gut Aiderbichl published some videos in August of 2014 that shows a bull named Bandit and his unadulterated joy when he gets released from the tiny steep pen that was his place for the entire animal’s life.

Studies show that dairy cows and cattle are way more sensitive than we would have thought.

Daniel Weary, a professor in the Animal Welfare program at the University of British Columbia in Canada, showed in 2014 that actually cows brains can be permanently altered from an early life trauma.

Daily Mail explained the study: “The cows he studied were deeply affected by the emotional and physical pain of early separation from their mothers and dehorning, which changed the brain in a way that led to a negative cognitive bias akin to pessimism.”

The professor has proven that isolated cows like Bandit, show increasing signs of anxiety and don’t perform well on psychological tests.

Source: Gut Aiderbichl/Daily Mail UK

This is mentioned because shows clearly that the poor bull was very well aware of what was happening to him, and it has a high chance that he spent his days in misery from the reality he was in.

But different from millions of animals of his kind, he was lucky to escape the misery and have an easier life.

In the video that has no less than 28.2 million views, we see a sanctuary worker driving his truck to the Bandit housing place, and that building looks in miserable conditions.

When Bandit sees the man entering, he looks him in the eyes and starts to lick his hand.

The man is touched and can’t just leave the animal there so he decides to take Bandit with him, tasting freedom for the first time the poor bull starts to joyfully bucks his legs in full energy, and it’s obvious he started living.

After some moments Bandit is put in the truck, and was brought to his new home where he continues to explore as well, and gets up closer to thank his rescuer.

When you watch the heart melting footage, you will understand the high views of the video.

Source: Gut Aiderbichl/Daily Mail UK

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