Mom gives birth to near-record litter of 16 puppies

When an animal gives birth is one of the sweetest things you get to see, rarely anything can top that, recently a Dalmatian mom gave birth to a huge litter, people are left speechless and are making references for a certain Disney movie.

Facebook/Fredericksburg Veterinary Center Neal Eckert, DVM

The Dalmatian mom named Luna was pregnant and the owners from Fredricksburg, Texas, brought her to Fredericksburg Veterinary Center on June 24 for an emergency C-section.

The KSAT reports that 5 puppies were born naturally but the sixht one had it impossible to come out on it’s own.

Brittni Turner the veterinarian helped the pooch to give birth to the rest of her litter.

The size of litter shocked everyone, she gave birth 16 little puppies.

“I was so focused on the surgery preparation, I didn’t even check the number of puppies left inside,” Turner told KSAT. “When we got into surgery, I was just pulling out puppy after puppy and we ended up needing to call in all of our receptionists and staff for an all hands on deck to help clean and revive puppies.”

The vet stated this was the bigges litter she ever helped to give C-section. 

“The staff kept saying. ‘surely there can’t be anymore and then I would pull out two more. It was absolute chaos.”

Fortunately the birth was a success and the sweet furry mom is also in good conditions, but she must be pretty tires after birthing so many puppies. 

In a photo we see her looking admirably at her little babies and the whole scenario looks like something straight out of the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians, and Turner says the vet staff made a lot of jokes. 

They werent 101 but mama Luna actually gave birth to an even bigger litter than seen in the cartoon (Pongo and Perdita give birth to 15, the rest are adopted later.)

Its ok as long as we keep then safe from Cruella de Ville.

These 16 little puppies are definitely amazing but it’s actually shy of the all-time record: a Dalmatian in Australia called Melody gave birth to 19 pups back in 2019.

But still was an amazing sight to see even for the vets since dalmatians are known to give birth from 6 to 9 puppies for litter.

“There were puppies everywhere!” Fredericksburg Veterinary Center wrote on Facebook. “It wasn’t 101 Dalmatians, but it was enough for us to have our hands full this morning!”

All the puppies have found their forever homes according to KSAT and they will leave when they get old enough to not need their mom anymore.

Aw i wanna hug all of those puppies.

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