Dog missing parts of brain is saved from being put down and his now the ‘happiest dog in the world’

Disabled dogs and those that have medical issues usually live a pretty rough life, they are constantly at risk of being abandoned by their owners since they don’t want to have too much responsibility and that leads to them being euthanized.


But if a dog is not in pain and suffering it deserves to get a chance at life, just like the doggie of our story that even though is disabled it got a second chance at life and now he is “happiest dog in the world!”

A woman named Jennifer Osborne in 2016 came across a dog named Moose at a pet store, the canine had a big underbite, a fixed smile and was very distinctive-zalooking.

The woman was informed that the poor canine was looking like this due to a medical deformity he had since birth: parts of his brain were missing.

“Moose’s nose was pushed into his skull which caused the under-bite, crooked nose, deformed skull, deformed brain and eye issues – probably when he was still in the womb,” Jennifer told Metro.

The woman fell in love with the sweet dog immediately and she also was worried that poor Moose would be put up to sleep due to his medical condition if he ends up in the wrong hands.

So she did what any animal lover would do: adopted Moose herself and gave him a loving home, she had it clear this wasn’t about to be an easy task since the medical condition of him would require a lot of attention and care.

The poor pooch suffered from frequent seizures: “They affected the body and the brain and left his whole body twitching and him foaming at the mouth,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer got the dog an MRI and the results revealed the scope of his medical problems: he had no sinuses and forehead, and also at the missing parts of his brain a cyst was formed.

“His brain in the front is squished in but the rest of his brain is good,” Jennifer explained on Instagram. “His neurologist has never seen a dog with an issue like Moose’s.”

The doctors explained to the woman that the seizures of Moose will continue his whole life but they can be treated with medications but wouldn’t affect his life expectancy.

Jennifer won’t give up. She is ready to face every challenge ahead of her and is happy and grateful having the sweet pooch in her life. Moose despite all is one goofy playful dog.

“With everything that’s happened to Moose, we’re very lucky he survived, period,” she told Metro. “He is literally a miracle.”

The pooch smiles all the time and is grateful for being loved despite all his flaws.

“He is amazing and a blessing on my life,” Jennifer said. “He is the happiest dog I have ever met and I’m thankful he’s my dog.”

In conclusion, the world needs more people like Jennifer.

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