Dog Spots Tiny Kitten Starving On Street, And Immediately Starts Carrying Him Home

The myth that cats and dogs don’t have a good relationship is a famous one, but from time to time stories like this arouse and make us see that not always this is the case.

A motherless kitten living on the streets was almost dying when suddenly got rescued by a kind dog and amazed us all.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

The poor feline was roaming around the neighbourhood searching for food to survive when a Golden retriever and his owner passed there and noticed her heartbreaking state.

The cat’s condition was terrible. It had matted fur, looked sick and seemed like it had already lost its mom.

The dog approached the sick animal and grabbed its mouth and took it to his car. The kitten didn’t resist at all since he sensed the dog was just trying to help.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

The once suffering kitten now was safe at the dog’s house, the kind owner feeded kitten some milk and he accepted happily.

Seeing the feline was set to survive the owner was happy to take care of her.

The dog also was here for the cat. She took him wherever she wanted to go and would accompany him while he was playing or sleeping.

With this kind of love and attention the cat turned into a happy and healthy animal.

The golden retriever was happy to play the dad’s role and seeing them spending time together is just too sweet, they do everything together from bathing to sleeping together.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

The internet found out for this amazing and unique friendship as their clips were shared on the web and were even featured in Viral Paw’s YouTube channel.

Their footage gained around 5 million views and their unusual friendship was such a sensation.

One user commented on the video:

“Life is incomplete without Dogs, Dogs are incomplete without Golden Retrievers.”

These duo are so fun to watch for viewers and also bring so much joy to his owner that loves to see them together.

Source: Youtube/Viral Paws

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  1. What a wonderful dog! Heart warming!!

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