Dog who spent over 7 years in animal shelter finally adopted into his forever home

Street dogs live a difficult and dangerous life without food and protection and have to fight for survival, but when they get rescued and go into the shelter their challenges are still just different.

A pointer german shorthaired/retriever, labrador mix named Mica went through some difficulties and was treated in a poor way for three years. That’s why when he got rescued he had some behavioural issues. 

Facebook/League for Animal Welfare

When Mica was welcomed to an animal shelter on the Ohio the staff never thought he would be there for a long time, but seven years have passed and the pooch was still a resident at the League for Animal Welfare in Batavia, Ohio, waiting for a forever home.

The staff of the centre asked the help of local media in order to find the sweet pooch a forever home and they were thrilled with the response.

People from all across the Us including people in Idaho, California, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida and Hawaii reached out offering to adopt Mica.

Staff stated that due to traumatic events that Mica went through now he was scared of humans he doesn’t know, finding the perfect fit for his behavioral needs was extremely important.

Facebook/League for Animal Welfare

“Our staff is going through the hundreds of inquiries about Mica, and we are hopeful we will find the right person for him very soon,” the League for Animal Welfare told ABC6 News at the end of April.

The staff decided that for Mica, getting adopted far away would result too stressful for him, so they decided to look into families that lived within a 2-hour radius of Cincinnati. Staff expressed their gratitude to all those who had offered to take Mica in.

“If you have reached out to us, hopefully you’ve heard back! If not, please know that we are GRATEFUL for all the incredible compassion, and have done our best to talk to all of you!”

After careful consideration the sweet puppy has found his forever home.

“Our boy has finally found his family,” the organization said on Facebook. “Mica had some behavioral challenges that made finding the right fit especially important. But now he’s found it.”

Facebook/League for Animal Welfare

We wish sweet Mica all the best in his new life.

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