Dying puppy is nursed back to life with the help of some loving chimpanzees

People that have animal organizations, or are animal lovers are the best kind of people.

Youtube/The Dodo

Jenny and Jim Desmond, run the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue in West Africa so they are familiar with animal rescue.

While Jenny was driving along the streets in a Liberian village one day, she noticed a tiny puppy needing help.

The puppy called Snafu was dying, so she started to get her back at the sanctuary to give him the medical attention she needs.

But the poor animal was in a terrible state apart from starving she had worms and infections as well, so they started to take a closer watch on her not sure if she will make it.

Youtube/The Dodo

After some passing days, her skin started to get better and her eyes brighter, so the couple decided is time for Snafu to meet the other sanctuary residents.

They had no idea how well she would get along with other residents there.

Snafu gained the love of the chimpanzees immediately, apart from loving her they also were ready always to be her fun playmates.

As the dog got bigger, the chimpanzees continued to love her and keep an eye on her but they couldn’t cuddle her as they used too, since she got big.

When the dog was fully recovered, Jenny managed to find her a forever home in Colorado with her nieces.

She now has a loving forever home, with two parents and two sisters all this thanks to some chimpanzees that loved her dearly and of course the sanctuary.

We wish Snafu will never be sad or in danger again, and that her  chimpanzee friends don’t miss her too much.

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