Fire crew saves deaf and visually impaired dog from drainage pipe

Animals are sweet and goofy but there are times that they put themselves in some compromising situations, but fortunately there are people who always stay ready to help these needy animals.

A great example of that is a fire crew that worked for two hours in order to free a dog who got trapped in a drainage pipe.

Facebook/St. Johns County Fire Rescue

St. Johns County Fire Rescue, in Florida,  received a call on March 20 from the owners of a deaf and visually impaired dog that had gone missing.

The fire crew located the lost dog after they got at the scene: he was trapped inside a drainage pipe.

The poor canine was terrified and stuck having no way to get out, but the kind hearted people of the crew started working to free him.

The crew was backed up from Engine 14, Squad 4, and USAR 4.

These teams together managed to locate the dog on the center of the pipe.

They came up with a plan  to open up the ground and pull the dog to safety. 

This wasn’t an easy task at all, according to the SJCFR that rescue took around two hours but in the end the  scared puppy was saved.

“He was scared and tired but not injured,” the SJCFR wrote on Facebook. “He was happy to be reunited with his family!”

We are so happy that the dog is now safe and near its family.

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