Firefighters carry husky dog from 15th floor of high-rise to save him from fire

Being a firefighter is being labeled a hero for putting yourself in danger to save lives, whether it is an animal life or a human life that you are saving.

One fire team went an extra mile just so they could save a husky dog that was trapped in a burning apartment building.

Virginia Beach Animal Control

The Virginia Beach Fire Department responded to a call about a fire in a high-rise apartment building on Sunday, June 6.

They had to get any remaining occupants safely out of the building, and those extra floors did not make their job any easier.

“You have the battle just going up the stairs, to begin with,” firefighter Cody Brenon told WAVY. “You don’t have to normally deal with that in a normal house fire.”

Joseph DePalma and Brenon firefighters entered inside the building that was filled with smoke. 

While searching they found someone unconscious in the 15th apartment floor: a Siberian Husky whose owners weren’t around.

He was still alive but was not breathing and was completely limp, he needed oxygen desperately so the fire crew picked him up to carry him out of the building.

It wasn’t an easy task at all to transport a 100 pounds Husky down all those stairs: “I was hoping it was going to be a Chihuahua,” DePalma said.

The canine whose name is Igor made it out safely and was put under the care of Officer Frye and Officer McQueen of Virginia Beach Animal Control, who administered  him oxygen with a mask immediately. 

Facebook/Chrissy Ross

The animal had inhaler smoke but otherwise had no other injuries or burns.

After the oxygen the dog was conscious and became “responsive and alert”, they notified his family and then sent him to Bay Beach Vet Hospital for continued treatment.

Thankfully things are looking up for the pooch: “What a successful and happy ending!” Virginia Beach Animal Control wrote on Facebook. “Igor is expected to make a full recovery.”

Apart from Igor getting out safe and sound the Virginia Beach Fire Department says that several other occupants were removed from the building but with no reported injuries.

De Palma and Brenon are so happy they could save this poochs life.

“It felt really good to know that he made it through it,” Brenon told WAVY. “That’s why I became a firefighter.”

We are so happy Igor is safe and so grateful for these heroes.

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