Man Drives 70 Mph While His Dog Balances On Truck Bed, Trying Not To Fly Off

A witness of a dog balancing in the back of a flatbed truck on a Utah highway recorded the ordeal and sent the video to The Humane Society of Utah.

Humane Society of Utah/Facebook

In the footage you can clearly see the dog balancing unrestrained, on the bed, while the truck is driving more than 70 miles-per-hour on I-15.

“The video just makes your heart stop,” Deann Shepherd with Humane Society of Utah, told Fox 13.

Even though it is hard to watch the video the Human Society post it on their Facebook account hoping to start a conversation and change revolving this issue.

Sadly this is not the first time they have seen something like this occurring.

Humane Society of Utah/Facebook

According to Arizona Humane reports, around 10.000 dogs pass away in accidents each year due to riding in a truck bed.

Even with all those horrifying statistics still it’s not illegal and the Humane Society of Utah now is fighting even harder to have a law passed.

Right now, the only way an owner will face charges in the state of Utah is if the animal dies or is harmed in an accident while being unrestrained.

So the owner will only be punished after the fact, when it’s too late for the poor animal.

The Humane society will keep fighting to create legislation that will prevent truck bed associated dangers saying they have received countless videos and pictures of poor animals falling off the trucks.

H/T to Fox 13

2 Comments on "Man Drives 70 Mph While His Dog Balances On Truck Bed, Trying Not To Fly Off"

  1. Richard S Thomas | November 22, 2020 at 6:58 pm | Reply

    Change the law. Stop animal abuse.

  2. Professor Armani | November 24, 2020 at 3:28 pm | Reply

    If they would not allow a child to ride in a truck bed (I hope they don’t), why do they think it is ok for the dog? Yes, I will compare the two. Dogs to many people are just as meaningful as human children. The same people that would do this to their dog are very well likely to think it is ok to put a child on a truck bed. While I am commenting, can we start to push for a ban on fireworks to the public? I am all for fireworks in the hands of professional displays. Selling fireworks to the public and that includes children for that matter, is no different than handing them a loaded gun to play with. Providing public displays gives people their celebration, protects the public, and protects dogs from the ongoing terror.

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