Man reunites with his missing service dog after she was stolen with his car

Having your dog going missing is always heartbreaking, you get heartbroken and keep thinking if they are safe and sound. The matter gets even worse if they get stolen, that makes you worry even more for their safety.

When the lost pet is a service dog the matter is even worse, a lot of people rely on their companion pets for their wellbeing and health and if they go missing that turns their world upside down.

One man went through this pain when he lost his  beloved service pet after his car got stolen and the dog was inside.

But fortunately the man got a happy ending after a humane society helped reunite the pair.

Aaron Morris, of Waynesville, North Carolina, battles mental health difficulties but gets helped by his service dog, a Lab/pitbull mix named Jolene.

The man was left distraught last week after Jolene was taken away from him due to a robbery.

The man went to a Haywood County gas station on Friday, with Jolene along for the ride. According to WLOS, the men entered the gas station and left the car running in order to keep the dog cool.

But while he wasn’t in the car, a carjacker stole the vehicle with his beloved dog inside.

The man was heartbroken, his beloved dog was gone along with many of his other possessions like his phone and his meds.

His family stated that the man began to spiral without his pooch and refused to eat since he didn’t know if his Jolene was eating. “I’ll eat when she comes home,” he said in an emotional phone conversation with his sister Ashley Adevai.

“It’s life and death for my brother, he’s not normal,” Ashley told WLOS. “I’m very worried about him if the dog does not come back.”

In order to find the missing dog a search was set up, the story was shared on social media and the local news.

A miracle took place and a stray was found on the side of the road and taken to the Morristown Hamblen Humane Society in Morristown, Tennessee.

The stray was indeed Jolene and they contacted Aaron, now was time for an emotional reunion.

“The reason we couldn’t reach the owner at the number on the tag was because his phone was also in the car,” the Humane Society wrote on Facebook. “Thank you to the people who shared our post. Her owner was notified and they have been reunited!”

“Such a happy ending!”

The man was so happy having his dog back and felt relieved she was saved.

“Dear God. Thank you again for answering mine and so many others prayers,” he wrote on Facebook. “Thank you for guiding me through I’m forever in debt to society and forever thankful.”

We are so happy for this sweet reunion.

Source: Youtube/WBIR Channel 10

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