Man slams brakes seeing collapsed fawn in road, nail-biting rescue as mom watches from woods

If we list cute animals, we are sure Fawns will be in our top 10 list for sure.

Fawns are Deer’s babies, the mother deer starts breeding process in late fall, so whitetail deer fawns are born sometime between April and July.

A man named Steve Knoop was driving down the road in May of 2014, when he suddenly saw a baby fawn that clearly was in need of help.

Poor animal was laying down in the middle of the road, its legs splayed in every direction and the head lying in the road, but when the man approached her he whispers ‘’it’s breathing’’ , he is surprised as we see in the video of the ordeal.

Judging by the white dots in the fur, the animal isn’t more than a couple of months old.

In the footage the man is heard discussing what should they do, the animal is in the middle of the road and if they don’t move it, for sure it’s going to get hit.

At 0:45 seconds through the footage, Steve and his companion notice the mother of the fawn watching the situation from the forest, the man are struggling to find a suitable solution and then agree they can’t leave poor animal here alone.

According to the description in the video this is when a man named Paul takes action.

Second Chance Wildlife Center (SCWC), reports that its common for little fawn animals to be found laying or curling in random areas like bushes, gardens or roads.

“Sometimes White-tailed fawns appear left behind when crossing roads as they are not as fast as their mothers and may not be used to the feeling of the pavement,” the SCWC website explains.

Many times what looks like an abandoned fawn, it’s not like that at all, so for this reason you are advised to leave them alone.

But in cases like this when the animal is laying in the middle of the road, the man’s actions are spot on.

The SCWC reports its ok to just help the animal cross the road.

The fawn is now safe and sound, thanks to the rescuers.

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  1. god bless u folks -nearly brought me to tears

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