Man takes home dog who after 200 days, changing both their lives

These last months have been hard for everyone, living in the middle of a pandemic is truly scary and a lot of people have lost their loved ones.

A poor man was going through some hard times, but in the middle of grief he found a sweet pooch who needed someone and they were a perfect match.

A 7 years old pit bull mix named Tonka came to the Orange County Animal Services shelter on April 15.

Even though the pooch had a loving, affectionate and energetic personality the shelter still was having problems to find him a forever home.

Tonka came and went from the shelter for months unable to find a permanent family.

Poor dog spent over 200 days in the shelter, which made him the oldest resident there.

“He’s eager to score some freedom from the shelter and hopefully land a forever home before the holidays,” Orange County Animal Services wrote.

“Tonka is affectionate and enjoys neck scratches. He was initially fearful in the shelter environment, but has acclimated well. He would do best as the only dog in the home.”

The bad luck followed the poor dog for months, he was adopted and then brought back again for no fault of his own.

Seemed like things wouldn’t go smoothly for the poor dog, I’m in the middle of this another soul was dealing with his own grief.

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